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About Hide Out farms

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Meet the Chhabras


Born and bred a South Mumbai boy, Hemant’s move to Hideout Farm was a conscious choice based on his desire to return to his roots, be connected with the earth and to heal himself and others spiritually. He quit his leather and bag business to make a sustainable living. Hemant propagates the tenets of healthy living, minimum medical intervention in matters such as vaccinations and wholly supports un-learning.


It was a dream come true for Sangeeta to live in the countryside. Professionally trained as a textile designer, and a stint as a teacher, Sangeeta enjoys using her hands to create. She is a cat lover and an avid reader, Sangeeta believes in homeschooling and additionally using art and the environment to facilitate. All three of her children have been homeschooled.


Anicca is a elementary teacher at the American school of Bombay. She developed her passion for teaching from her mother. She lives in Mumbai and visits the farm whenever she can only to be amazed at the way it changes every time! Anicca loves reading children’s books and aspires to write and illustrate one herself someday! She enjoys the balance of the city and country lifestyle.


Aditya decided to come back to his roots where he was born at the farm. Currently running Hide Out, he built his own Wood fire oven where he makes scrumptious thin crust Pizzas. He is now in the process of building a tree house. Aditya’s new passion lies in creating a new range of farm sourced products like Chilli Sauces, Vinegars and Probiotic drinks.


Ayaana is the 12 year old chef at Kitchen Stir fry, a cafe situated under the looming bamboos at Hide Out Farm. Cooking since the age of 4; handling the wok on a high flame with dexterity, Ayaana can whip up meals bursting with flavour with produce straight from the farm. Her favorite show is Masterchef Australia and she loves watching christmas and Jackie Chan Movies. In her free time she loves cycling, swimming, painting, farming and climbing trees.
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